Common questions

Save yourself some time, here are some frequently asked questions?

Work is completed by our in-house freelancers. Each of which have unique skills specializing in their individual markets. They work on projects together, by themselves, or if a company wishes, they can also work directly with the company on projects on something we like to call a "tour". 

Projects can be delivered in various methods and ways specified by the client. We usually just email the completed project, or in some cases, give our clients access to the web directory where they can access the completed works. However, if the client wishes we can deliver in a separate method. 

We take Credit Card, Debt Card, Check, and ACH. We send you an invoice so you have the option of payment methods. We handle our transactions through a third party, but if you have any question please let us know. 

Aww, we are sad to hear that, but we understand circumstances happen. If you want to cancel, you will be sent the remainder of the project, and you will be charged for the amount of the work done. Subject to discussion of course. 

If by some reason on this green earth we cannot deliver on our work. You get a full refund and whatever is done sent to you with no strings attached. 

Contact Us!!!
We understand that sometimes things do not come out the way we want them too. Please if you are unsatisfied, contact us and we can get this resolved. We try our hardest to involve the client in the process and avoid this issue entirely. We send benchmarks and pre-design aspects just to make sure everything is up, however if you still are unsatisfied. Contact and talk to us. 

Please come and talk to us about it. If it is something relatively small, you may not even be charged for it. However if it is something bigger, get in touch with us so you do not have to be charged full rates. We are flexible with our prices for modifications and add ons given within reason.